4most Consulting: Automated PRA Advisor

In today’s fast-paced regulatory environment, professional services firms like 4most need cutting-edge tools to maximise the productivity of their consultants. 4most is the UK’s largest independent credit risk analytics consultancy, which serves HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, Monzo, Atom, Virgin Money and many other financial services firms.

Fifty One Degrees has been engaged by 4most to scope, design, and build a sophisticated tool to streamline PRA compliance, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.

Project Overview

The automated PRA advisor project aims to equip 4most’s consultants with a powerful guidance tool based on the PRA Rulebook. This tool is designed to provide easy access to essential regulatory information, facilitate seamless integration with existing workflows, and ensure robust user management and quality assurance.

Key Features

1. Web portal access

Consultants can easily access the PRA advisor via a user-friendly web portal, ensuring that they have the information they need at their fingertips.

2. API for integration

The tool includes an API for integration into Microsoft Teams, allowing consultants to receive guidance directly within their primary communication platform.

3. Cross-referencing pane

A cross-referencing pane is available to review citations, helping consultants understand the context and source of the information they receive.

4. Full QA and monitoring functionality

The tool offers full QA and monitoring functionality to ensure that the guidance provided is accurate and up-to-date.

5. User authentication and management

Robust user authentication and management features ensure that only authorised users can access the tool, maintaining security and compliance.

Technological Solution

The technological backbone of the automated PRA advisor includes several advanced components:

1. Custom-built RAG module

A custom-built retrieval augmented generation (RAG) module with sophisticated parsing capabilities ensures accurate and relevant information retrieval.

2. Dynamic prompt engineering

The tool employs dynamic prompt engineering to encourage users to improve poor questions or prompts, enhancing the quality of the interactions.

3. Integration with multiple LLMs

Integration into multiple large language models (LLMs) provides redundancy and ensures the tool remains effective even if one model is unavailable.

4. Admin portal

An admin portal allows for easy management of the product, including user management, monitoring, and updates.


By implementing the automated PRA advisor, Fifty One Degrees is helping 4most enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their compliance processes. This tool not only streamlines access to critical regulatory information but also integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, ensuring that consultants have the support they need to stay compliant with the PRA Rulebook.

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