An AI consultancy enhancing employee experience and efficiency.

Serve customers better. Improve employee experience. Deliver efficiencies. Make smarter decisions, faster. At Fifty One Degrees, our artificial intelligence consulting will unlock a competitive advantage for your business.

Supporting your deployment of AI services

Three-quarters of senior business leaders believe artificial intelligence will enhance their capabilities and productivity, yet almost two-thirds don’t have a comprehensive AI strategy for their business. Fifty One Degrees will support your business as your generative AI consultants, from strategy to implementation, to training and frameworks.


AI strategy

We will immerse ourselves in your business, understanding your mission and objectives, analysing your technology and data architecture, as well as any limitations you face. As your AI consultants, Fifty One Degrees will create an AI Strategy and roadmap designed to drive your business forward. We will enable you to serve more and serve smarter.


Artificial intelligence solutions and projects

Fifty One Degrees delivers or supports artificial intelligence solutions and projects for your business. Generative AI can ensure you apply consistent approaches to decisions that align with the business’s priorities. Progress projects faster and more consistently. Increase automation within your customer acquisition funnel. Improve employee experience. Make your team more efficient, for example, AI technology can make the lower half of performers in your team perform like the best.


Governance and implementation

Effective change requires you to have a clear vision of the benefits you are trying to achieve and the risks you are willing to take. We will deliver a set of KPIs that enhance focus on what’s important. We believe you shouldn’t be driven by technology but instead, be enabled by it. Your AI Policy needs to consider people strategy, ensuring alignment and busting myths, risk assessments and mitigation strategies.


What are the best AI use cases?

AI capabilities are transforming almost every business function in every sector. Here are some of the most impactful services Fifty One Degrees can support you with as your AI consultant.

Improve employee experience and increase efficiency

Generative AI ‘assistants’, trained to any specialism within your business, provide instant support to your team members enabling them to produce more and increase the quality of their work. Compliance, risk, operations, engineering, analytics; every function in your organisation will become significantly more efficient and effective. 

Increase customer conversion and instant fulfilment

AI-powered tools and features will enable your business to automate more, therefore reducing customer drop-off. A recent Gartner study showed that 64% of AI initiatives are focused on improving customer experience or driving revenue growth.

Make project and product management more effective

Artificial intelligence solutions are increasing human effectiveness across most roles, but project and product management are perfect use cases. By leveraging AI, your project and product managers spend their time where they add value, and leave the rest to their tools.

Satisfy customer enquiries instantly

Artificial intelligence has the power to ingest all of the documentation required to answer most customer enquiries but to also merge your live proprietary data sources simultaneously, making it far more than just a ChatBot.

How is AI transforming your industry?

Fifty One Degrees - AI Consultant - Financial Services & Insurance

AI in Finance and Insurance

AI is driving growth and efficiencies in Financial Services and Insurance.

Fifty One Degrees - AI Consultant - Online Retail

AI in Retail

Online retailers are improving customer experience and reducing operational overhead with AI tools.

Which AI technologies could benefit your business?

Generative AI and Large Language Models

Generative AI (GenAI), and specifically Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini are the AI models being used to power many of the recent advancements. These tools can ingest and respond to vast volumes of human-like language, making them perfect for serving customers and employees better.

AI and machine learning model development

AI and machine learning are not new technologies, but they are new to most businesses. Until now AI and machine learning models have predominantly been used by a small number of technology and financial services companies, but we will support clients across all sectors to capitalise on the growth and efficiencies these technologies can enable.

Speech and voice recognition

Advances in speech recognition are not only creating efficiencies for businesses but they will soon drive a new wave of innovation. It’s estimated that voice will make device interaction three times faster, as on average we speak three times faster than we type. This will result in businesses needing to adopt speech and voice recognition interfaces.


Which AI tools should your business use?

With a vast and fast-evolving artificial intelligence landscape, it can be daunting for business leaders to set a strategy and implement tools and projects. As an AI consultancy, Fifty One Degrees enables clients to choose the right set-up for their business. We categorise the tools into three categories.

Custom Generative AI Solutions

At Fifty One Degrees we build, launch and maintain custom generative AI solutions for businesses. We identify appropriate, high-impact use cases, then scope, build and launch your GenAI solution. Solutions are designed with enterprise-ready features, such as reliability and accuracy monitoring, and Quality Assurance (QA).

AI Wrappers

We use the term AI Wrapper to describe an off-the-shelf tool that is solving a specific use case with an AI, but they are relying on an LLM to power their tool, as opposed to building an LLM of their own.

AI Features

Many of the large enterprise software providers, such as CRM tools, customer communications platforms and employee platforms are creating AI-enabled features, to make using their software more effective and more efficient.

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