For the love of building

After over a decade building a FinTech that ranked in the Top 10 of Sunday Times TechTrack and processed up to 4 million customers each year, and a leading analytics consultancy that served the largest global financial services companies, we realised our true passion is driving progress.

Fifty One Degrees is dedicated to transforming businesses. We support clients with building an AI-enabled digital platform, serving customers better and enabling dramatic efficiencies. 

We've made it our mission to drive growth for purposeful businesses.

Our journey.

Fifty One Degrees is here to help businesses navigate the lightning advances in AI, technology and growth. In London, the north star is 51° above the horizon, a relationship that has been used for centuries by navigators, and we will support you in finding your north star.

Fifty One Degrees’ founders are well-versed in building technologically advanced, data-led businesses.

Nick Harding

Co-founder & CEO

In 2012 Nick co-founded Fluro, one of the UK’s fastest-growing FinTech companies. Under Nick’s decade-long tenure as CEO, Fluro introduced a groundbreaking innovation in customer acquisition, resulting in it processing 4 million customers each year. Fluro was recognised in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 three times, the Deloitte Fast50 twice, and numerous customer experience awards. Nick’s academic background is in computer science, before a career in banking and finance.

Fifty One Degrees - Founder Photo - Nick Harding

Mark Somers

Co-founder & CPO

Mark co-founded 4most, the UK’s largest independent credit risk and analytics consultancy in 2011. As co-CEO, Mark oversaw the expansion of 4most to include over 200 consultants operating across three territories, broadening its services to encompass Life Insurance, Economics, and various other practices. The distinctive culture and values he nurtured led to 4most being recognised as the best workplace in the credit risk sector for three consecutive years. Mark completed a PhD in Astro Physics before a career in credit risk.

The values we live by.

Our experience also tells us that finding partners with strong values is rare. At Fifty One Degrees, we aim to be different. We want to build long-term, enduring partnerships and we hope our values enable that.


At the core of any strong partnership is trust. In our experience, finding advisors you can genuinely count on is unusual and at Fifty One Degrees our mission is to be different.

Driving progress

We believe the satisfaction of making progress drives humans forward, and it is certainly our biggest motivator. We aim to drive iterative progress every day by relentlessly pushing forward.

Smart enabler

“Smart loves problems” is an iconic IBM ad that inspires us. We aim to find smart solutions to your problems.

We would love to discuss growing your business with AI technology.