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Fifty One Degrees helps businesses serve customers better, improve employee experience and increase productivity by driving their adoption of Generative AI

Create a competitive advantage with Generative AI technology.

Recent advances in AI technology are having a profound impact on businesses. GenAI can ingest vast volumes of information and documentation, and then provide precise insights and responses based on that information instantly. This characteristic can be applied in various ways to enhance employee or customer experiences and enable businesses to automate internal tasks. The result is accelerated projects and processes, improved customer experience and productivity. 

At Fifty One Degrees, we want to drive your adoption of GenAI technology. We will guide you to create an AI strategy, deliver AI solutions and projects, and support you with AI governance and implementation.

How Fifty One Degrees can support you.

AI consultant

Improve employee experience and productivity. Serve customers better. Innovate faster. We unlock artificial intelligence to give your business a competitive advantage.

AI strategy and policy

A people-centric framework for the successful integration of artificial intelligence, with comprehensive examples of an AI Strategy, Roadmap and Policy.

Custom-built generative AI solutions

Automate tasks and functions to improve employee experience, increase productivity and serve customers better.

Fractional Chief AI Officer

Leading your adoption of generative AI technology, from strategy to implementation to building internal capability and strategic decision-making.

We've been in your shoes.

Fifty One Degrees was founded by Nick Harding and Mark Somers. Starting with an idea to build a human-centric FinTech in 2012, Nick founded and developed Fluro, which he grew to process over 4 million customers each year and pioneered market-leading customer experience innovations.

Mark co-founded 4most, the UK’s largest independent credit risk and analytics consultancy in 2011. During his tenure, Mark expanded 4most to more than 200 consultants spanning three global territories.

We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the complexities behind building a meaningful business. At Fifty One Degrees, we apply those experiences to make your business grow faster and operate more efficiently.

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